National Hepatitis C Strategy

The goals of the Fifth National Hepatitis C Strategy are to:

  • Make significant progress towards eliminating hepatitis C as a public health threat
  • Reduce mortality and morbidity related to hepatitis C
  • Eliminate the negative impact of stigma, discrimination, and legal and human rights issues on people’s health
  • Minimise the personal and social impact of hepatitis C.

Please find the link to the full Hepatitis C Strategy document here.


Targets – Hepatitis C

The five targets in the National Hepatitis C Strategy provide a specific focus for the efforts made towards achieving the goals of this Strategy:

2.1 Reduce the number of newly acquired hepatitis C infections, with a focus on priority populations by 60%

2.2 Increase the proportion of people living with hepatitis C who are diagnosed to 90%

2.3 Increase the cumulative proportion of people living with chronic hepatitis C who have initiated direct-acting antiviral treatment to 65%

2.4 Reduce hepatitis C attributable mortality overall by 65%

2.5 Reduce by 50% the reported experience of stigma among people living with hepatitis C, and the expression of stigma, in respect to hepatitis C status.


Indicators to monitor progress towards achieving the goals' targets are presented in the interactive dashboard below. Please note that data for Indicators 1c, 1f, 2b, 3e, 5b, and 5c are currently in development and will be presented on the dashboard as they become available.


This dashboard is interactive, allowing you to filter and present the data in detail.

  • Choose the category/populations of interest using the drop down menus.

  • Hover the mouse over the charts and tables to reveal further details.

  • These graphics are best viewed in full screen by clicking the box icon to the bottom-right of the tables.

  • You can export a PDF version of the selected view by selecting the download icon under the dashboard.

Click here for the executive summary: Tracking the Progress 2023: National Hepatitis C Strategy

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